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Attack On A Constable 27-05-1812

27th June 1812

Our Huddersfield Correspondent, under the date of June 18, says—" About twelve o'clock, on Monday night last, three musket balls were fired through the windows into the house of Mr Milnes, who is a constable at Lockwood, near Huddersfield; the windows were then broke to pieces with large sticks, and the persons who committed this atrocious act, immediately made off It appear Mr. Milnes had incurred the displeasure of the Luddites by the vigilant discharge of his duty as a constable. Similar deprecations have also been committed at the house of an excise officer at Elland; he had several pistols in his house, which he was compelled to deliver up. — These atrocities hate become so common, they now excite little attention"—(Leeds Mercury)

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