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Committed To York 09-05-1812

9th May 1812

Committed to York Castle— James Haigh, of Dalton, in the West Riding, cloth-dresser, charged upon the oath of Joseph Ardon, and other persons, as strongly suspected of having been one of the persons who, in the night of the 11th of April, riotously assembled and attacked the mill of Mr. W Cartwright, at Rawfolds —This man was apprehended at Methley, on Saturday week, it appears that since the attack above-mentioned, he had been at the house of a sister-in-law, at Pennistone, from whence he went to another sister at Methley. He was taken before John Radcliffe, Esq. of Milnsbridge, and after undergoing several examinations was fully com- milted on Thursday. He was conveyed to the Castle in a chaise and four, escorted by a party of dragoons. Two other men were apprehended as accomplices, at Hill-house near Huddersfield, on Monday evening; after several examinations, one of them, named Stocks, was liberated, but the other, Cockroft, was remanded —On Monday night, it is strongly suspected, with a view to the rescue of the above men, the stable of Major Gordon, at Huddersfield, was set on fire, and nearly destroyed. The stratagem, however, failed; for instead of drawing away the guard which was placed over the prisoners, the officer, with great promptitude, doubled its force. Happily the fire did not communicate to any other building.

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