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Committed To York 31-10-1812

October 31 1812.

Since our last were committed to York Castle,
William Thorpe, (No. 44) of Huddersfield, cloth- dresser, charged upon the oath of Benjamin Walker and others, with being a commander at, and aiding and assisting in an unlawful attack lately made upon Mr. Cartwright's mill, at Raw- folds ; and also charged with being one of the men who shot at, and murdered William Horsfall, late of Marsden, merchant, in the month of April last.—Thomas Smith, (No. 45) of Huddersfield, cloth-dresser, charged upon the oath of Benjamin Walker and otherss, with aiding and assisting in the above attack on Mr. Cartwright's mill ; and also with being one of the persons concerned in the murder of William Horsfall aforesaid.—James Haigh. (No. 46) of Dalton, and Jonathan Dean, (No. 47) of Huddersfield, cloth-dressers, charged upon the oath of William Hall and others, with having, together with divers others, unlawfully and riotously assembled at Hartshead-cum-Clifton in April last, and then proceeded to attack the mill belonging to Wm, Cartwright, at Rawfolds, in
the West-Riding.—Mark Hill (No. 48), George Rigg, (No. 49), and Joseph Thornton (No. 50), cloth-dressers, charged upon the oath of William Hall, with having together with others unlawfully and feloniously assembled at the mill of William Cartwright, at Rawfolds, and attempted to break into the same; and also with having assembled at the Workshop of Francis Vickerman, at Tailor- Hill, in Almondbury, and feloniously broke and destroyed divers sheers and articles of machinery. the property of the said Francis Vickerman.

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