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28th November 1868


—On Wednesday night a new building, to be called the Town Hall of Mirfield, and which occupies a site on the road side at Eastthorpe, was formally opened by Mr. J. M. Johnson, the chairman of the limited liability company which has undertaken its erection and maintenance and afterwards a dinner took place in the large room in celebration of the event. Mr. Johnson presided, and he was supported by the Rev. George Ridley, Messrs. Edward Day, M. Fox, A. Williamson, and other gentlemen, The building, which is from designs by Messrs, Kirk and Sons, architects, of Dewsbury, is Italian in style, and comprises on the ground floor a large hall, having sitting accommodation for 600 persons, an orchestra capable of holding 100 performers, and galleries with seats for 300 spectators; committee-rooms, kitchens, offices, and, in front, four lock-up shops. Externally, the principal feature of the building is the south front, consisting of a central projecting
clock-tower of good proportions, and containing the chief entrance, flanked on each side by the shops. The gables and clock-tower are terminated in the French style, and finished with iron railings of ornamental design, The cost of the entire building, with its fittings, is about 4000.

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