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11th September 1869


On Thursday evening, a large meeting of the ratepayers of Mirfield was held in the Town Hall of that village, to consider the propriety of adopting the Local Government Act. Mr. J. Sheard occupied the chalr. Mr. Charles Wheatley, J.P., stated that Capt. Savile, the lord of the manor of a large portion of the township, had arranged with the Halifax Corporation for a supply of water from its reservoirs to his estates in Thornhill and Soothill, near Dewsbury, and also to Mirfield, through which it would have to be conveyed to the two former places. It was found, however, that Mirfield could not be included unless its ratepayers adopted the Local Government Act, and this meeting had been called in order that they might decide what course should be adopted. Mr. Wheatley and other gentlemen explained the great advantages which the township would derive from being under a local board, and also that the water was offered on such terms—a million gallons per day at 6d. per thousand gallons—that it ought not to be refused. A motion to the effect that the Local Government Act of 1858 be adopted within such part of the parish as was not included in the district of Ravensthorpe was made by the Chairman, but it was lost, only some forty persons voting for it and several hundreds against it Mr. S. Anderson led the oppositionists.

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