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Battyeford Station 1
Mirfield  Battyeford Station

Battyeford Station was the first station of the Leeds New Line after it branched away from the Huddersfield to Leeds line at Heaton Lodge. Besides the station it self there was also a substantial goods yard and warehouse extending out from behind the station all the way down to Nettleton Road.
In 1902 the station had a full time staff of 6 people. A ticket to Cleckheaton cost 7 old pence.

As you can see nothing at all remains of the Station today and many younger people would be very surprised to learn of its existence.
Although the station itself has long gone the viaducts across the valley still remain. The one near to Huddersfield Road defeated all attempts (including explosives) to remove it during the 1960's, ending with the bankruptcy of the company contracted with its demolition.

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