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Buses & Trams 2

A trolley bus approaching the old tram terminus at Bradley in the late1960's.

Huddersfield and a number of other towns in the area did not completely abandon the idea of trams, but went on to adopt Trolley Buses. These were basically an electric bus that the driver steered in a conventional manor that used the existing tram system overhead cables for power. The trolley buses were clean, quiet and quick but by the 1960's low oil prices plus the cost of maintaining the overhead equipment saw the end of the trolley bus era, the last Huddersfield trolley bus service taking place on 13 July 1968.

A Yorkshire Woollen Leyland bus approaching Bradley tram terminus in the mid 1920's. If you look carefully the L&Y Cooper Bridge Station can be seen in the background.

The "around the houses" Mirfield Via Knowle / Dewsbury Via Knowle bus route has been around for quite a few years! The Leyland A13 bus shown above, operated the route in 1920's while the Sentinel STC4 below owned by local Mirfield company J.J Longstaffs & Son operated the route in the early 1960's.

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