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Huddersfield Local History Society is a membership organisation for anybody and everybody interested in the history of the town.  Our established activities include monthly talks from September to May; a summer outing; an autumn seminar; an annual journal, free to members; and a series of booklets.  We are keen to recruit new members and to develop opportunities for members to share their interests in local history and work together to find out more about our fascinating town.

Founded in 1988, the Friends of Oakwell Hall and Country Park are a voluntary support group for this wonderfully authentic 16th Century Manor House and its surrounding 110 acres of country park.

AYUP! The International magazine for Yorkshire.

Not to be missed!

Huddersfield One

HUDDERSFIELD ONE lots and lots of local information!

Click HERE to visit Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion

The Calderdale Companion is aimed at:

· Anyone with an interest in the local history of the Halifax and Calderdale district of West Yorkshire, no matter whether as an active pursuit or as an armchair enthusiasm
· Tourists who are visiting or intend to visit the beautiful Calderdale district – you might be interested in our entries on Calderdale for Motorists, and Things to see in Calderdale
· Anyone with recent or distant roots and links with this part of the world – for this group of readers, I have included a number of historical entries and information which might otherwise be inaccessible to overseas visitors
· Anyone who already lives in Halifax and Calderdale and wants to know just that bit more about what's all around them
· Anyone who is tracing their family tree and needs some explanation of the terms and the terminology which they encounter in old documents
· Anyone who is fascinated by local and historical trivia
· Anyone who wants an explanation of the terms which are likely to be encountered when reading the works of the Brontės, Anne Lister's journals, or other pre-20th century works
· Anyone who knows anything – about Halifax, Calderdale, the people or the places – which seems interesting to them and which is hard to find. I am particularly aware that many older people have memories and stories which should be recorded... before it's too late
· Anyone who just wants to settle – or start – an argument in the pub

The Yorkshire Journal

The Yorkshire Journal is dedicated to Yorkshire, England's largest county. It is free, online and published quarterly, four times a year in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, for everyone who loves the unique characteristics of Yorkshire. Wherever you live The Yorkshire Journal will help you discover more about this fascinating county. Articles in the journal focus on all aspects of Yorkshire's heritage past and present, which includes features on its stunning landscape, picturesque villages, historic towns and cities, customs, traditions, curiosities and the history of its people. The journal is beautifully illustrated with a magnificent range of photographs, paintings and line drawings.

View the latest edition HERE.

The Croppers

The CROPPERS is essentially a performers club, (singers, musicians, poets, story tellers etc) with 1 or 2 guest nights during the year, the main one to celebrate the club's birthday in July.

223 Roberttown Lane
W Yorks
WF15 7LQ

From 8:30pm Friday nights

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