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A Murderer & More Luddites
Apprehended 09-07-1812

9th July 1812

At a late, hour last night we received highly important & very gratifying intelligence to every friend of peace and good order. It states that two Bow-street Officers have been in the neighbourhood of Huddersfield for nearly three Weeks past, and that they had been Twisted in, or in other Words had taken the oath of the Luddites. By this means they, have learned the proceedings and ways of these infatuated persons, and have obtained the knowledge of the depot where their arms were concealed. Warrants were yesterday (Friday) issued for the apprehension of fifty of the ringleaders, and in the course of the day a great number of them were taken into custody. The actual murderer of Mr. Horsfall was discovered in a house about eight miles from Huddersfield, and is committed to Lancaster Castle to be tried for the said barbarous deed. He was seized yesterday morning about two o'clock within the county of Lancaster.

The Queen's Bays were on duty during the whole of Thursday night and yesterday morning; and the Scotch Greys have arrived from Manchester to assist in this business.—From the whole of this information we are led to believe, that the Secret Commit- tees appointed by Parliament have recommended the executive Government to immediately issue authority for the Magistrates in this Riding, and in the county of Lancaster, to seize the papers, arms, &c. and to appre¬hend the principals and abettors of those outrages.which have'so long disturbed so great a share of the country's peace."

James Oldroyd, of Dewsbury, clothier, was committed last week to York Castle, charged upon oath with having on the night of Monday the 22d of June ult. at the Sign of the Black Bull, in Mirfield, confessed that he was at Rawfold's Mill on the night it was attacked, that he was engaged in that attack, and that he was near to his fellow-creature when he fell.

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