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Attack At Briestfield 27-05-1812

27th June 1812

Our Huddersfield Correspondent, under the date of the 25th instant, says —
" Last Monday about midnight, a great number of armed men, with their faces disfigured by broad black marks down each cheek and over the forehead, assembled near the dwelling-house of Mr, Fisher, a shop-keeper, at Briestwistle, in this neighbourhood, and after firing two guns or pistols, demanded admittance into Mr. Fisher's house, which he refused. They then broke open the door, and two of them rushing into the house, seized Mr. Fisher, who had just grot out of bed; they each presented a pistol to his breast, and threatened him with instant death if he stirred a foot. Not intimidated by this threat, Mr. Fisher rushed from them towards the door, when he was seized by other six men, who placing a sheet over his head, face and arms, kept him in that situation while their comrades ransacked the house, and took from his pocket-book bills to the amount of 116/. besides 20/. in notes and some cash; they also took a quantity of notes and cash out of a drawer, but to what amount Mr. Fisher does not exactly know. When the depredation was completed, the Leader cried out to the guard placed over Mr. Fisher, "Let him go ; don't hurt him ; we have got what we wanted, and we will bring it back in three mouths," and immediately made off.

"A man of the name of James Oldroyd, was apprehended at Dewsbury, on Tuesday evening last, by a troop, of the Queen's Bays, sent from hence for that purpose, on suspicion of having been concerned in the attack on Mr. Cartwright's Mill, at Rawfolds. He underwent an examination yesterday morning, at Mills-Bridge, before Joseph Radcliffe, Esq. when he was committed to York- Castle to take his trial at the ensuing Assizes. "Huddersfield, 25th June, 1812."

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