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Attempted Assassination 23-04-1812

April 25th 1812.

On Saturday last, an attempt was made to assassinate Mr, Cartwright, the intrepid defender of Rawfolds Mill, by two villains who fired at him from behind an hedge, as he was returning from Huddersfield. The shots where discharged at nearly the same moment from opposite sides of the road, but happily without effect.
 This diabolical attempt upon the life of this gentleman, took place in open day, between the hours of four and five in the afternoon, about a mile on this side of Huddersfield. We have no words which can sufficiently describe our abhorrence of this dark and wicked attempt to murder. Surely, even the deluded followers of Gen. Ludd, cannot approve of private deliberate murder ; are his troops already degenerated into a band of assassins ? But wickedness is progressive, it is a downward road, the first step prepares the mind for a second, that for a third, until deeds of blood become familiar. And the man who begun his career, probably with the intention only of destroying machinery which he supposed inimical to his interest, ends it by deliberate assassination, There is something in this crime so cowardly, so foreign to the feelings of Englishmen, and so much at variance with the courage and humanity of our national character, that we are convinced, that not one man would have been found to have entered into the association, if it had previously intimated to him, that he was to exchange the character of an Englishman, for that of a cruel and cowardly Italian desperado.
 We would exhort and conjure those who are yet innocent of the blood of their fellow-creatures, to abjure a confederation which leads to such dreadful consequences, which sinks them below the level of civilized men, and points to the destruction of Society itself. It is at present possible to retreat ; when we have next to address tbem, it may be too late.

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