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Huddersfield 18-04-1812

18th April 1812.

HUDDERSFIELD. — This place has been all hurry and confusion during the present week, but no depredations have been committed.—A special sessions was holden here on Monday last, and several persons underwent examinations before the Magistrates respecting the late desperate attack at Mr. Cartwright's mill, but nothing material could be discovered.—The Magistrates came to the resolution of enforcing the Watch and Ward Act in this town.—Booth, who died of his wounds, was interred here at 6 o'clock on Thursday morning, great numbers of people poured from all quarters during the morning in expectation of seeing the funeral which was over before the majority of them arrived ; all is now quiet—Hardey was interred at Halifax the preceding day with considerable parade; a number of the persons who followed him to his grave were dressed in mourning, and wore round their arm a bandage of white crepe.

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