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John Hinchliffe Blinded 31-06-1812

31st July 1812

Wednesday night last, the 22nd inst about twelve o'clock John Hinchliffe, Holmfield, near Huddersfield; Was roused from his sleep by a loud Knocking at the door. On enquiring what was the cause of this? a person without asked if Hinchliffe lived there?  He dressed himself, and opened the door, when he was desired by two men to lead them to a certain place;—  they then escorted him down a neighbouring lane. He desired to know their motive for conveying him that road? One of the men told him, he heard he had been giving information respecting the Luddites; this he positively denied. This conversation was interrupted by a horse (which was loose in the lane) galloping near them, which alarmed the ruffians; and gave Hihchliffe an opportunity of escaping: one of the men fired at him, and lodged a piece of lead in his eye: the eye is entirely lost, and his head much bruised; he how- ever had the good fortune to reach a friend's houses.
About ten weeks ago, Hinchlife had a conversation with a person of the name of Scholefield, who endeavoured to persuade him to be twisted-in as one of General Ludd's men, threatening that if he made any discovery of the matter, he would be put to death. Suspicion fell on Scholefield as one of the persons, and on enquiry it was found he had absconded.

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