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Letter 28-03-1812

Letter To Editor 28th March, 1812.

SIR, — I am sorry to observe your account of the proceedings of the people in the neighbourhood of Huddersfield, who have associated themselves to destroy Machinery; and my concern is increased by the reflection that they should have so much occasion to be dissatisfied by the want of labour. But I think they are much mistaken, if they suppose the measures they are now taking will at all mend their situation. The effect of their conduct may be to place the country under Military Law, but it cannot procure them more work.
If our Rulers could but be prevailed upon to settle the dispute with America, so that we could have an open trade with the United States, together with the extensive field which seems likely to open in the Southern part of that Continent, I apprehend all the Machinery so much dreaded both in Yorkshire and Nottingham, would be insufficient to supply the increased demand for our manufactures.
I have no doubt many of your readers remember the time when the small invention of wheel shutdes was quite sufficient to bring down the curses of the multitude, if not produce a riot, and now people wonder how thev did before that invention.
How many Cotton Mills have been burnt down because the work-people were afraid there would never be employment for them ? and now in many places where the people were riotous, they would tell you (before the present unfortunate decay in trade took place, occasioned by the war and the evils brought in its train,) that they never did so well in the old fashioned days as they have done since thev gave over burning the Cotton Mills.
I am yours, Leeds, the 9th of March, 1812.

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