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Luddites At Gildersome 19-09-1812

19th September 1812

During the last week, several persons have been apprehended at Huddersfield, on various charges of disturbing the public peace. It is with pleasure that we add, that a considerable number have abjured their illegal oaths, and have come before the Magistrates and taken the oath of allegiance.

Early on Monday morning, the 7th inst. the Luddites paid a visit to the work shops of Messrs. Lindsey of Gildersome, and destroyed 17 pair of shears, worked by machinery, for the purpose of dressing cloth. The premises of Messrs Lindsey had a regular military guard stationed upon them till the Repeal of the Orders in Council, when, thinking it unnecessary on account of the great plenty of work, they had themselves solicited its discontinuance.

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