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Military Movements 02-05-1812

2nd May 1812

The following Military movements have taken place in this district during the present week : --The West Kent Militia, 800 strong, marched into the West-riding on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, to replace the Denbighshire Militia, which is now concentrated at Leeds, awaiting the volunteering for the line. On Thursday, a squadron of the 15th hussars marched into Leeds, and two troops of the same regiment are placed one at Barnsley, and the other at Wakefield. And yesterday morning, one troop of the 2d Dragoon Guards marched from hence to Bradford, and another to Halifax.
In consequence of an apprehension of disturbances in the West, Craven Legion Cavalry are under orders from Thomas Lord Ribblesdale their Colonel, to be ready to march at a moment's notice.

A person of the name of Haigh, was apprehended at Methley last Saturday night, on suspicion of having been concerned in the late attack upon Mr. Cartwright's Mill. This man, who appears to have received a wound from a musket- ball in his shoulder without being able to give any satisfactory account of the cause of that wound, has undergone several examinations before Mr, Radcliffe, of Milnsbridge, and was on Thursday committed to York Castle. On Thursday evening he passed through Leeds, in a chaise and four on his way to York, escorted by twelve Dragoons. Two other wounded men have been in custody all the week on a similar charge, but we have not heard the result of their examination.

A facetious correspondent from Barnsley observes, that that the army of General Ludd was the other day completely put to rout in that neighbourhood by the discharge of a substance called a potato into the stomachs of the refractory, A boat load of this kind of ammunition it seems arrived very opportunely, and being distributed to the labouring classes at ten pence a peck, an instantaneous impression was produced, and the whole army dispersed. Our Correspondent recommends that funds should be formed in all the large Manufacturing towns to purchase ammunition of this kind, and that it should be distributed in a similar way.

A poor woman in the neighbourhood of Huddersfield, on her way to a justice of the peace to obtain a warrant against some persons that had ill-treated her, was this week assaulted by the populace in one of the villages, who stoned her so unmercifully, as to fracture her skull, and it was not without considerable difficulty that she was rescued with her life from the fury of the mob. An opinion it seems had gone abroad, that the object of this unfortunate woman's errand to the justice, was, to communicate some information against the Luddites.

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