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Pardons 27-01-1812

27th January 1813

The Gazette of Tuesday night contains, a Proclamation by the Prince Regent in Council; stating, that divers unfortunate and misguided persons, who have been induced by the artifices of wicked and designing men to take unlawful oaths, or to steal ammunition, fire-arms, and other offensive weapons, for the purpose of committing acts of violence and outrage, and who are not yet charged with such offences, may be willing and desirous to make confession of such their offences, and to take the oath of allegiance upon receiving an assurance of his Majesty's most gracious pardon for such offences; and, therefore, declaring that every person, not having been changed with any such offences, who shall, previous to the 1st of March next, appear before some Justice of the Peace or Magistrate, and declare his offence, and the oath or engagement by him taken, and when and where the same was taken, and in what manner, or the ammunition, fire-arms, or other offensive weapons by him stolen, and when, where, and from whom the same were stolen, and the place where the same were deposited ; and also, according to the best of his knowledge and belief, the place where the same may be found, and who shall at the same time take, before such justice of the Peace or Magistrate, the oath of allegiance to his Majesty, shall receive his Majesty's most gracious pardon for the said offence; and that no confession so made shall be given in evidence against the person making the same in any Court, or in any case whatever.

The fourteen unfortunate men, capitally convicted at the late York Special Commission, were executed on Saturday, pursuant to their sentence.

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