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Reward Offered 09-05-1812

9th May 1812

The Gazette of Saturday contains an advertisement from the Secretary of State for the Home Department, offering his Majesty's free pardon to any person except the individual or individuals that actually fired, who shall discover the murderers of Mr. Horsfall, and a reward of TWO THOUSAND POUNDS to be paid by Mr. Peace, of Huddersfield. And the like pardon, and a reward of 100 for the discovery of the person who fired at Mr. Isaac Ray- nor, of Linthwaite, as he was returning from Mans- bride, on the 23d ult. the latter reward to be paid by Joseph Radcliffe, Esq — Also, pardon and 100 guineas, for the discovery of the person who fired at George Whitehead, one of the constables of Huddersfield, as he was going to bed on the 15th ult. to be paid by Mr. Peace.

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