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Rewards And The Military 04-04-1812

4th April 1812

We, are requested, in order to correct an erroneous opinion, to state, that the Military are entitled equally with other persons to the large rewards now offered for such information as may lead to the conviction of the offenders who have lately, committed depredations upon the property of individuals in this Riding; and that it is their duty— a duty there is no reason to think them indisposed to perform, to lay before the proper authorities any information calculated to restore this District to a state of tranquillity and confidence, so unhappily disturbed by the lawless and misguided ; and owing to which, at night in particular, Leeds and Huddersfield have, with their picquets, military patrols, &c, assumed the appearance rather of Garrison Towns, than of the peaceable abodes of Trade and Industry.

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