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Motor Industry 2

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Mirfield LSD Car

L.S.D.'s under production, probably at Linthwaite Factory.

Mirfield LSD Car

The Van bodied Variant

In 1922 production was switched to new larger premises in Linthwaite. The "Motor Cycle Magazine" had carried a very favourable report on the L.S.D. in 1921, and sales  had steadily increased since that time. Three models of the car were now available, Popular, Standard & Family, ranging from around 140 to 161.
In addition two commercial variants were in production, a van & a pick-up.

Mirfield LSD Car

The Pick-up bodied Varient

                     1921 Standard Model Specification

V Twin 8 Horsepower J.A.P.

50 M.P.G.

2 Forward 1 Reverse.

Wheel mounted Accelerator & Ignition.
In body gear change Hand brake outside.

Foot frount & rear.Hand rear.


Electric Lighting, Spare Wheel, Speed Indicator, Choice of colour.


The cars were constructed on a welded angle iron chassis. A wooden frame of American Oak was then bolted to the chassis and skinned with metal plate. Unlike later forms of 3 wheeled transport, the two wheels were on the front as per a traditional car and the third wheel provided drive at the rear. Power was provided by a Twin V Cylinder  motorcycle style 8 or 10 H.P, engine produced by J.A.P. or Blackburn.
The car for a simple vehicle was very labour intensive to produce a team of around ten people producing around 8 cars per week.

By 1923 the manufacturers Sykes & Sugdens had begun to fall upon hard times and would shortly fall into liquidation. So a new motor company in it's own right L.S.D. Motor Co. Ltd was formed to construct the vehicles on a new site at Nunbrook, Mirfield. Sadly sales declined for the following twelve months and yet again the company collapsed into liquidation and so ended Mirfields foray into motor vehicle construction.
Another small manufacturer called Morgan was at the same time following very much the same recipe, but as you probably know things turned out somewhat more successful for them!

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