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Mirfield Dialect
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From an article in the  Leeds Mercury December 1884.

Mr. E. Stoks sends the following additional list of old Yorkshire words, which are, he. says, in use at the present time at Hopton, near Mirfield:—

    Bat. —Blow, I'll gie thi a bat i' th' lugs (ears).

    Bell.—To cry out.

    Bray.—To beat. I'l bray thi yed (head).

    Baan.—Going. Where's ta baan to?

    Butty. —In partnership. Let'a go butty in keeping rabbits—playing at marbles, &c.

    Billy bowl.—Iron hoop used by boys.

    Bauk.—A beam of wood.

    Barlow.—This is a term used by children when they are asking for quarter. For instance if a youngster happens to fall when he is running home a game of "touchstone," he will consider himself entitled to a little time to regain himself, and will cry out "Barlow."


    Corker.—Slang word to express surprise.

    Dof.— Dof the sen (undress thyself).

    Gobs.—An expression used by boys when they make a sudden raid on their playfellows' marbles.

    Hackled.—Saddled with anything disagreeable.

    Hod.—Hold. Hod thi noise.

    Jegs.—Shares. Used in this sense—If a lad finds anything, he immediately says to those who are with him, "no jegs," meaning that they are not to have a share. If his companions are quicker, and say "jegs" before he can say "no jegs" the booty has to be divided This law is well observed among country lads.

    Lig.—Lie. Lig thi daan.

    May.—Make. I'll may thi.


    Mud.—Mud a done; might have done.

    Mumming.—The custom of dressing in ludicrous garments and going to the neighbours' houses.

    Neive.—A fist.


    Piggin.—A small ladling-can or dipper.


    Spicket and fawcet.—The old term for a tap.

    Silt.—To strain milk, &c.

    Taws.—Marbles, commys, stonies, and hollies,

    Toan.—One or other. Let's have hod of toan of you.

    Wicks.—Weeds; wicking gathering weeds.