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31st August 1867


AT MIRFIELD.—-There was a large and respectable gathering in Mirfield last Saturday afternoon to witness the laying the corner-stone, by the Mayor of Dewsbury (Mr. E. Day, Mirfield), of a building to serve the purpose of a town hall. Before the ceremony took place processions of members of the local Volunteer Corps and friendly societies took place, the principal highways in the townships being thus perambulated. A couple of brass bands were also engaged for the occasion, one belonging to the Mirfield Rifle Corps and the other to that of Huddersfield. The building is being erected from plans by Messrs. John Kirk and Sons, architects; of Huddersfield and Dewsbury, and is estimated to cost, with the site, about 4000, The site chosen is in Eastthorpe, the frontage being the turnpike road. In the evening at banquet took place in celebration of the event at the Black Bull Hotel, the Mayor occupying the chair and Mr, Joe Sheard the vice-chair.

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