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6th February 1891


Last night Mr, F. Ellis, of Dewsbury, opened an Exhibition of Home Arts and Industries in Mirfield Town Hall, and it was vary well patronised. The affair was got up by the local Church Institute, but some of the classes were entirely open and the display was a very creditable one. Messrs. Marshal, Kaye, and Marshall exhibited cloth and yarns; Messrs. W. Newsome and Sons, finished and partly finished pianos; Mr. T. Rogers, printing machinery; the Mirfield Coal Company, the model of a colliery railway, &c.; Mr. Fairburn, card making; Messrs. Thos. Haigh, cotton in the raw state and in cop and warp; Messrs. Hartley Brothers, leather: Mr. J. E. Birkhead, cycles; Messrs. Wilkinson and Co., greasy shoddy and what is produced from it; Mrs. J. Barker, samples of all the wools of the world; Mr. J. Ledgard, harness; Messrs. J. F. and J. Crowther, malts; &c. &c. There were exhibits in wood-carving, mostly by members of classes taught by Mr, Joshua Buckley, and very, beautiful they were. In the open competition Mr. H. Muschamp took the first prize. There were also exhibits by members of the Institute of the Girls' Friendly Society, the public elementary day schools, the boys of the Calder Farm Reformatory School -excellent in quality- and church Sunday scholars and pupil-teachers. Prizes were offered, and some were declared last evening; but the full list will be completed today, and all are to be awarded on Saturday, and at night the exhibition will close.

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