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Community of the Resurrection 4
Bishop Walter Frere (1863-1938) Gores successor as Superior from 1902.

Bishop Walter Frere (1863-1938) Gores successor as Superior from 1902.

In 1902 Gore accepted the appointment to become Bishop of Worcester and disappointingly to some he left the fledgling Community to take up his new position.
Walter Frere (1863–1938)  became the new Superior, a position he was to hold from 1902-1923. Frere was eminently qualified for his new role having been at Gore's side from the very early days of the Community. It was under his guidance that many of Gore's dreams for both the community and college would come to fruition.
In the same year Frere, at the request of the Bishop of Pretoria, sent three of the fathers to South Africa to work with the 200,000 native Africans employed in the gold mining industry. From this the mother house continued to spread its work further afield eventually having branch priories in Barbados, in South Africa at Johannesburg, Alice and Stellenbosch and in Rhodesia at Penalonga.

The Community Burial Ground  Mirfield

The Community Burial Ground where departed members of the community lie buried under simple wooden crosses.

The Calvary Garden Mirfield

The Calvary Garden was built by the Fathers using stone from the quarry, it looks out over the valley below.

With the founding in 1903 of the Fraternity of the Resurrection, later to be called Companions, made up of those who wished to be connected with the Community and to share in its work, the Community of the Resurrection became truly global with groups in all corners of the world.
Frere himself would go on to be appointed Bishop of Truro in 1923, a position he held until 1935. Unlike Gore, during this period he remained a member of the community by making his residence in Truro a Church of the Resurrection branch house and so becoming the first monk since the reformation to become a Church of England Bishop. Upon resigning his position he returned to Mirfield. Gore may have been the founder of the community but it was Frere who was very much the maker.

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