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Three Nuns

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Mirfield Thrre Nuns

The old Three Nuns in the early 1900's
The "Nuns" has been the start point for local "Harriers" cycle clubs for many years.

The first inn at Nunbrook was built in 1497 and an inn in some form or other has stood there ever since. Many will be surprised by the relative youth of the present Three Nuns; although it gives the appearance of been considerably older, it was not built until 1939 in a mock Tudor style. It replaced the building shown in the old photos of which parts were thought to date back to the original 1497 inn. The original inn stood alongside the road occupying the present Three Nuns car park; the new building been set further back. It is rumoured that the original inn's extensive cellars still remained intact but sealed off under the car park  to this day.

Mirfield Thrre Nuns

The Three Nuns also has connections with the Luddites who gathered in the nearby field before attacking Rawfold Mills in Cleckheaton. The Shears Inn at Hightown is the recognized meeting place of the Luddites, but rumour has it that the Three Nuns also played a part. In the 1920,s a collection of Luddite weaponry was found concealed in a ceiling.

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