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WW 1 Part 3
Mirfield Hopton Herald News Paper

Second - Lieutenant F.M Gaunt, Of the 5th Leinster Regiment is a son Mr T.H. Gaunt, Oak Mount, Heckmondwike. Private Maynard Redfern, Of Heckmondwike, is with the 5th Reinforcement 3rd Battalion 1st infantry Brigade, Australian Imperial Expeditionary Force. Private Bernard Hughes, Late of Quarry Road, Liversedge is a dispatch rider with the Canadian Contingent. Bombardier R. Newsome (Son of Geo. Newsome, Carrier) is in the 6th  (Heckmondwike) Battery, Royal Field Artillery. Private Albert Wilson is son of Mr W. Wilson, Upper Hopton, Mirfield. Private F.G.T. Fletcher is son of Police - Sergeant Fletcher of Mirfield.

Even by 1915 casualty levels were terrifying and the war had already touched many local communities as men were injured, killed in action or simply posted as missing.
The war touched all regardless, from mill workers sons serving as riflemen to the mill owning gentry who's sons died leading from the front as junior officers.
A full generation was well on the way to being wiped out but still the newspapers cheered the volunteers and called for more to join them. My grandfather is shown centre bottom row. 


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