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WW 1 Part 6


Private Albert Wilson (above) volunteered in 1915. He lied about his age, being only 17 years old he was at that time a year too young to enlist. He is featured along with other local volunteers on the cover of "The Mirfield Herald and Ravensthorpe Courier" on Thursday August 5th 1915 in the regular feature they ran on local volunteers and appealing for still more to join the ranks. He survived the war and on his return brought the above plate with him. It features a cartoon drawn by Captain Bruce Bairnsfarther a serving officer in France who's cartoons featured in the "Bystanders Fragments of France" a publication circulated amongst the British troops. A great morale builder, his cartoons undoubtedly reflected ordinary soldiers' everyday fears, concerns and gripes in an understandable and humourist fashion, often poking fun at the British officer class. He went on to be the official cartoonist to the American forces in Europe during WW II.


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