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St Marys
Mirfield St Marys
Mirfield St Marys

The present St Mary's Church was designed by Sir Gilbert Scott, designer of the Albert Memorial,  whose influences can also be seen in many of the countries great 19th century churches.
The foundation stone was laid on Easter Monday 1869. The church was completed and consecrated in 1871, at a cost of over 30,000, raised by local subscription.
On Completion the old church was to be demolished, but at the intervention of Sir Gilbert Scott the tower was left standing and restored, although in a somewhat modified form as the pinnacles were removed and the pointed roof seen today was added.
A pillar from the old church can be seen in the vestry of the new church with the following inscription, "This pillar formed part of the old church of Mirfield, erected about the end of the 12th century or the beginning of the 13th century, and taken down in 1825. It stood in the Vicarage garden till 1870, when, upon the building of the church, it was placed in its present position."

The old Parish church in 1825

The tower of this church still stands today close to the present church.
Parts of the tower could well date back to the 13th century.

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