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Ismay Writings 11

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Dec. 10th. - A detachment of Marshall Wade's army proceed to Mirfield, but are suddenly recalled to ye camp at Wakefield in order to march back to Leeds.
Dec. 30. Carlisle surrendered to the Duke of Cumberland.
Dec. 28. The cannons at Carlisle heard to Mirfield. 6 minutes past 9.

Sept.- 16 young persons died of small pox in Mirfield this month, and in ye whole 39. A new tax upon windows.

Orders for cattle read in Churches.
June lst. - 86 persons from Mirfield confirmed at Wakefield.
Saturday, June 18. - Trinity flood. This was preceded by a violent storm and lightning.
August 21st. - Died at Kirklees, Sir Samuel Armytage, Bart., aged 52.
Fine harvest weather and a plentiful crop, scanty of apples and nuts.

A new stone wall erected on the north side of the Moor. Locusts in Mirfield and other parts of this kingdom.
July 14th. - A great solar eclipse.

August 7th. - An extraordinary Aurora Borealis at Mirfield.

July 9th. - A remarkable whirlwind near the Vicarage. A violent storm of thunder and lightning at Mirfield.
22nd. - A fiery meteor. A hot dry summer at Mirfield. This year has been remarkable for earthquakes and ye A. Borealis.
February 26th. - A violent storm of wind and rain.

A wet summer and late harvest.

January. - A great snow this month for 11 days together.

March. - A great wind for 8 days together.
June. - Riots about turnpikes in Yorkshire.

Feb. 26th.-A meteor seen at Mirfield.
April 10. The shock of an earthquake felt at Mirfield, Leeds, York, &c.
A hard frosty winter, a cold sharp spring, a wet summer and a fine autumn. Chin cough and small-pox in Mirfield. Eatables of all sorts extravagantly dear in ye spring.

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