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Ismay Writings 12

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Multitudes of earwigs about the houses in Mirfield and other places. A very wet and cold summer, harvest and autumn.
Oct. 15th.-Gave tickets to 182 persons to be confirmed at Halifax by Dr. Edward Keen, Bishop of Chester, who confirmed 2,600.
Nov. - Several acres of land in and about Mirfield, rendered too wet and incapable of being sown with wheat this season.

21 children died of small pox and only 2 of chincough.

Of ye small-pox and chin cough 11.

Nov. lst. - A most dreadful and extensive earthquake in Portugal and various parts of Europe. Several ponds and lakes violently agitated in many parts of

Tempests, storms, hurricanes, thunder, lightning, and other Phenomena have never been known so frequent throughout Great Britain as in the winter 1756-6.
Feb. 6th. - Fast day for the earthquakes at Lisbon.
Feb. 14th. - Died Mrs. Eltoff, of  Ledstone, Yorkshire, aged 114, she retained her senses till within a few hours of her death.
Feb. 28th. - Died G. Wilcock, Bishop of Rochester, &c.
May 8th. - Fairs opened in Yorkshire for ye sale of horned cattle, being prohibited for upwards of nine years.
May 18th. - War declared against ye French in London.
May 25th - War proclaimed against ye French at Leeds.
June 4th. - A most violent storm of hail, &c.
16th. - War declared against ye English by the French.
24th. - Much lightning in ye evening, it continued for some time in a continual blaze at Mirfield.
May 28th. - The Port of St. Philips in the Island of Minorca surrendered to the French.
July 5th. - Apple and Plum trees in blossom a second time this year in my garden.
July 22nd. - The Marine Society Instituted in London. The price of wheat began to advance, which occasioned mobs to arise in different parts of ye kingdom.
Oct. 7th. - A very extraordinary and extensive hurricane about 1 in the morning.
Nov. 25th. - Died Mr. Thos. Clarke, Rector of Kirkheaton and Swillington, aged 81.

March 14th. - Admiral Byng shot on board ye Monarque.
16th.-A great hurricane of wind at Liverpool, Chester, &c., by which much damage was done by sea and land.
19th. - Died in ye Parish of Tadcaster, John Shepherd, aged 100. He had lived in a cave on Bramham Moors many years.
Sept. - Riots in several places about the Militia Act.
26th. - A Comet appears about this time.
30th. - Died at Bath, David Hartley, M.D. and F.R.S., aged 58.

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