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Ismay Writings 13

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Sept. 15. - A great riot at Manchester.
Oct. 19th. - Died at Constantinople, Sultan Osman, Grand Signor and Emperor of the Turks.
Seven battles fought by ye King of Prussia this year, besides ye siege of Prague and a great number of skirmishes.
A very droughty hot summer.
All sorts of grain and provisions at an excessive and extravagant price.

Jan. 29th. - Died at Moor Town, near Leeds, James Goodrich, aged 104.
A new workhouse erected and opened in Mirfield. in May.
An Act of Parliament obtained, for extending ye navigation of ye river thro' Mirfield to Sowerby Bridge.
Ang. 9th. - A Confirmation at Wakefield by the Bishop of St. Asaph.
22nd. - The new Market house for coloured cloth was opened at Leeds.
July 27th. - A great flood about Wigton, in Cumberland.
Nov. 26th. - A remarkable meteor seen at Newcastle, &c.
Dec. 29th. - A ball of fire seen at Colchester, moving N.E.
Dec.20th. - Died at Ealand, Mr. Rd. Detly, aged 68. In this memorable and glorious year we had a plentiful crop, and have seen ye British Flag restored to its Ancient dignity, by being victorious in almost every part of ye world.

A dry Summer and Autumn.
A malignant fever in Mirfield, which continued six years.
Jan. 27th. - An Ox was lately. killed at Lowther Hall, which weighed 84 stone and a quarter, and had 19 stone of tallow taken out of him.
July 5th. - A parhelion seen about the setting of the sun at Mirfield.
Sept. 2nd. - Died at Thornhill, Mr. Samuel Sandford, Rector of ye Church.
Nov. 4th. - Died of a singular malady, Mr. Wm. Turner, of Blakehill, aged 46, Mirfield.
Nov. l0th. - An hurricane of wind at Mirfield. A dry Summer.
Dec. 31st. - A lunar iris observed from my door at the Vicarage
Great and glorious conquest made by ye British Troops in

Jan. 16th. - A child shot by an accident at Mirfield. A hot droughty summer; there was ye greatest mortality this year in Mirfield that has happened since that of 1681. (?1631), when the plague raged in this parish. Many persons were out off in their full strength, and some in ye vigour and bloom of their age, by an eruptive epidemical fever, which seized upon me the 5th September, and confined me to my bed for ye space of ye 14 days, my life being in great danger from ye violence of ye distemper.
May 9th. - Died at Hermuth in Silesia, Count Zinzendorff, founder and head of ye Moravian sect. His son consecrated the conventiclele at Wellhouse, in Mirfield, . 16th March, 1755.
Oct. 25th .- Died K. George 2nd, in the 77th year of his age, and 34th of his reign.
26th. - K. George 3rd proclaimed.
Sep. 19th.- Effect of a most surprising flow of water at Brackenthwaite, in Cumberland.

Jan. lst. - A dreadful hurricane of wind at the N.W. in ye night.
llth. - Died of a lingering illness, Mr. Joseph Wheeler. Vicar of Dewsbury.

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