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Ismay Writings 6

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There generally dies in the parish of Mirfield one person in 70 annually, as appears by an accurate calculation, about one marriage per annum among 100 persons.
The number of christenings generally is double to the burials in the year, the congregation at Church (which is made up mostly of the male kind, there being generally nine men to a woman) is much smaller in winter than the summer season, and especially in the forenoons.
Hay seeds were sold in 1756 for 1/6 and 2/- the sack. Rape dust at 2/6 a quarter in 1757.


The room next to the garden at Castle Hall is ceiled over the top, with ancient plaster work representing variety of figures, viz. :-fir cones, acorns, flower de luces, roses, etc., with the Beaumont's paternal coat of arms (about the centre)
quartered with another, charged with rabbits or coneys, but to what family these belong I know not.
I have since found by an MSS. in ye possession of my good friend Richard Frank of Campsall, Esqre., F.S.A., that the Turions of Smallhaigh and Millhouse in ye parish of Penistone, had for their arms A 3 Conies sejant S. (Sejant in heraldrymeans upright.)

Northorpe Hall was rebuilt by Josiah Sheard., Tenant, in 1701, as appears by the figures covered over the door; here are in the windows some curious remains of painted glass, viz:
Christ's presentation in the temple, with a venerable old man representing Moses, etc.
The house adjoining this ancient building was rebuilt by Edward Thomas, as appears by these letters and figures over ye chimney piece, in ye kitchen, E. T., 1704.


Hamlets in the Parish, of Mirfield, 1700.

Number of houses in the parish of Mirfield in 1789:-

In "Towngate Hamlet " 058
" Leegreen " 108
" Northorpe " 044
"Easthorpe "077
" Far Side Moor Hamlet "088
" Hopton"082

Total ......452

Increase of houses in 18 years, 195. Inhabitants increased at 5 per house, 695. Do. at 6 per house, 750, as appears by my calculation, Jan. 27th, 1759.

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