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Ismay Writings 14

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9th. - The quarter Sessions appointed to be held at Wakefield were postponed on account of the epidemical distemper raging in that town.
29th. - Died at Mirfield, Mr. Edward Darly, Attorney at Law, aged 84.
April 30th. - (Ascen. Day) I read ye Divine Service and christened 19 children at ye font in Mirfield Ch. before dinner.

Feb. 21st. - Shrove Tuesday. A dreadful tempest of wind and snow p.m., by ye severity of which many persons perished.
July 14th. - A violent storm of thunder, hail, &c., at Kirklees and its environs. The hailstones were as large as pigeon's eggs, measuring three or four inches, by which great damage was done to corn, fruit, and windows. An excessive droughty summer, this month and last ye drought and heat of ye season was so great that several moors and peat mosses took fire and burnt underground for many miles together. An intense frost began Dec. 28rd, 1762, and continued to Jan. 29th, 1768.
Feb. 10th, 11th, 12th. - A great fall of snow with a severe frost.
Mar. 22nd. - Peace proclaimed in London.
May 13th. - Do. at Mirfield.
14th. - A B. of York confirms at Wakefield, and treats ye clergy. 78 persons confirmed from this Parish. Three floods
 in Mirfield in Christmas week.

An excessive wet summer. Turnpike road made through Mirfield.

The river through Mirfield made navigable.
Feb. 26th, 27th. - A great fall of snow.
Mar. 4th. - An illumination from E. to S.
April lst. - A great solar eclipse. .
May 11th. - A B. of York's primary visitation of ye clergy.
He treats ye clergy.
Oct. 11th. - The Archdeacon's visitation at Wakefield.

The yew tree now growing near the south east corner of the churchyard was planted by Thos. Sheard, clerk, 5th Nov., 1678, as appears by an entry in the pariah register. The other two (yew trees) are so very ancient that no man living can remember them in a youthful state.


So where are Ismay's writings today?

The writings passed from Ismay's daughter, Maria, through successive generations of the Ledgard and Nevin family. In the early 1880's they were in the possession of Francis Ledgard, Solicitor in Mirfield.
The most recent viewing of the writings seems to have been during the 1960's, at that time they were in the custody of Judge Richard Nevin a direct descendent of Ismay. The Rev Norman Pobjoy viewed them at that time while researching his book "A History of Mirfield" which contains a variety of extracts from them.
Pobjoy suggests it was the intention of Judge Nevin to publish the writings at a future date but with nothing been forthcoming in the following years we can but assume that the writings have now passed to another generation of Ismay's descendants. 

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