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Black Bull
Mirfield Black Bull

I dare say quite a few pints and more than a few pounds have passed over the bar between these two photos being taken!
But take away Ramsdens butchers, bring on the dray cart and it would be hard to spot the difference

tesco-expressWith all the new "controversy" over the Black Bull's conversion to a neighbourhood convenience store, you will find some bits of  historical interest by searching for the "Black Bull" in the Mirfield Leeds Mercury Archive HERE.

The Black Bull also played a small part in the Luddite uprising of 1812 you can read about it HERE.

This view shows the Black Bull around 1900 click here to leave a comment on this picture if you like!
The picture above dates from the early 1900's and as you can see surprisingly little has changed over the years. It would have been nice to see the Black Bull reopen it's doors as a pub/hotel again but realistically successive Governments, through policies of increased taxation and bureaucracy, along with the greed of the big Pub Cos have more or less completed the job of closing almost all the "local pubs". Like many the Black Bull is now no longer commercially viable in it's former role.


So what for the future?

I don't see any real business planning in the Tesco Express scheme other than the fact that Tesco can just go ahead and do it and easily afford to withdraw from the site if it doesn't work out for them.
No doubt the store would have some custom and to some greater or lesser extent it would impact on local businesses.

If it isn't destined to be a Tesco then  they may choose to demolish the building (which is quite possible they might). It could well become something completely different and that in itself might prove far worse than a Tesco Express?

If you feel strongly that the Black Bull should not become a Tesco Express then maybe you can make your views known to those concerned through the campaign below:-

Say No

The say no to Tesco in Mirfield campaign is all very well but I can't help thinking the real question is:-

If it's not going to be a Tesco than what should it be?

If enough people got together and raised the money it could be opened again as a pub and operated as a community pub venture? (It's been done in other places.)

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