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Northorpe Coop
Mirfield Northorpe CoOp

Northorpe Cooperative Wholesale Society in the early 1900's.
The shop was definitely well trimmed up for some event but what it was I don't know, do  you?
The small delivery cart bears the name Charles Henry Buckles, Northorpe, Mirfield.
The shop remained a Coop until the 1990's.

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20th July 1869


Yesterday, at the Dewsbury West Riding Court-house, before Mr. W. Crowther, Mr, C. Wheatley, and Mr. W. Carr, John Hallas, under-viewer at a colliery belonging to Mr. Benjamin Barraclough, and situated at Northorpe, Mirfield, was charged at the instance of Mr. F. A. Wardell, one of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Mines, with neglecting and wilfully violating a rule in force at the above mine, whereby it is required that he or his deputy shall see that the ventilating furnaces are properly attended to, and that they are constantly in operation. He was further charged with violating a rule whereby he was required to supply a copy of the rules of the colliery to every person employed in and about the mine. He pleaded guilty, and the bench ordered him to pay fines amounting to 3 and costs, or, in default, to be committed for three months.— Charles Hall, the under viewer's deputy at the same colliery, pleaded guilty to a charge of violating the special rules requiring him to personally warn the men and boys in case any part of the workings were found to be "fiery," to take up the rails as a danger signal, and to put boards across each other at the approaches to the dangerous workings. He was fined 20s and coats, or one month' s imprisonment. — Jno. Elsworth, engineman, was fined 10s. and costs, on his pleading guilty to a charge of allowing persons to descend the shaft of the colliery before the ropes, had been tested in the manner provided in the rules, Mr. Skipwith, of Wakefield, conducted the prosecutions. None of the defendants were represented by counsel or attorneys. It transpired in course of the hearing that through the carelessness of one of the defendants an explosion took place on the 14th ult, and a youth named Richardson was burnt somewhat seriously.

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23rd July 1869


At the Dewsbury Petty Sessions on Monday, before Mr. William Crowther, Mr. Charles Wheatley, and Mr. William Carr, John Hallas, underground viewer at Northorpe Colliery, Mirfield, Charles Hall, his deputy, and John Elsworth, banksman, were charged with several violations of the special rules of the colliery. The prosecution was conducted by Mr. Skipwith, of the firm of Scholey and Co., of Wakefield, instructed by Mr. Wardell, Inespector of Mines, acting under the authority of the Sceretary of State. It appeared that on Monday, the 14th of June last, an explosion of fire damp occurred at the colliery, by which a miner, named Joseph Richardson, was severely burnt. The accident was attributable, first to the neglect of the ventilating furnace by Hallas, and secondly, to the neglect of Hall in not barring off the working place where he had found the fire damp which afterwards exploded and caused the accident. These offences, and Hallas's omission to furnish one of the workmen with a copy of the colliery rules, formed the subject of five informations, upon three of which Hallas was fined 20s. and costs in each case, with the alternative of one month's imprisonment; and Hall was fined 10s. and costs, with the alternative of fourteen days' imprisonment, in each of the two cases against him. Elsworth, the banksman, was also fined 10s, and coats, or fourteen days imprisonment in default, for having neglected to test the ropes before the miners descended, as required by one of the special rules.

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