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Eastthorpe 1
Mirfield Eastthorpe

This is a view of Eastthorpe  in around 1910 looking towards Ravensthorpe. It shows the variety of shops available then. Starting on the left foreground you had Lincoln Ewarts Butchers, Armitage's Crockery & Tobacco, Bartle's Chemist, Beardsell's Clothing Store with clothing at the front and carpets around the back, Barber Haye's Saloon, Co-op Confectionary Department, an Emporium selling fruit, flowers, poultry and fish and Lawrence D Smith Ironmongery.
Any one thinking the last shop sounds familiar would be right to do so! In 1918 Lawrence D Smith moved to new premises at the bottom of St Paul's Road where he traded until succeeded by his son Johnson Smith who presided over the shop until the 1990's.
During the First World War the large advertising board on the right of the road featured the well known poster of Lord Kitchener of Khartoumb, in military uniform, pointing his finger and telling you "Your King and Country Needs You". Many Mirfield men answered that request.

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24th July 1824


Mirfield, in the County of York, Cordwainer, stands charged by a Warrant, under the Hand and Seal of Mr. Edward Brook, Coroner, dated the 9th of June last, with the MANSLAUGHTER of JAMES BARRACLOUGH, of the same Place, Collier.

    NOTICE is hereby given, to all Constables and others, that whoever will apprehend the said William France, and deliver him to me, so that he may be dealt with according to Law, shall be well rewarded for his Trouble.
      DANIEL LEONARD, Constable.

N.B. The said William France is about 29 or 30 Years of Age, Dark Complexion, and stands about Five Feet Eight Inches high.
Mirfield, July 10th, 1824.

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25th October 1828


On. Saturday last, an inquest was held at the Black Bull Inn, Mirfield, on the body of a child 5 years old, daughter of Mr. Thomas Lawton, of Mirfield, who was killed by the wheel of a loaded cart passing over her. It appeared in evidence before the Jury, that the deceased was going to school, and with her book in her hand, was plying her lesson whilst crossing the highway; just at the moment a loaded cart, driven by Ephraim Wood, of Slaithwaite, was passing, which threw her down and passed over her. The driver was sitting on the hind part of the cart with his back to the h o r s e . After maturely considering the case, the jury gave a verdict of manslaughter, and the driver, who is a young man of excellent character, and very respectable connexions, was committed to York Castle to take his trial for the offence.

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