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U.R. Church
Mirfield Hopton URC

Hopton United Reform Church around the turn of the century.

Prior to 1972 the church was known as the Hopton Congregational Church or more commonly to locals as the "congs".
The Congregational Church has had a presence in Hopton going back as far as 1662 when local Squire Richard Thorpe on seeing his tenants, many of them illiterate weavers and land workers, growing up in ignorance of the bible and its Christian moral teachings, held classes and prayer meetings in his own house for the people of Hopton.
The first "true" chapel was constructed in 1732 and served the congregation for 100 years until the present day church was erected in 1829.
The building to the left of church was the Church School House not only a Sunday school but the day school for the children of Hopton between 1845 and 1909.
During WW II the building was used by the Homeguard. It was also the first Head Quarters for Mirfield's newly reformed Air Training Corps in the early 1980's.
Sadly, the building fell into disrepair and was demolished during the late 1980's.

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9th October 1880


A bazaar in aid of this church was opened on Tuesday by Ald, Briggs Priestley, of Bradford, in the Mirfield Town Hall. The Hopton church is one of the oldest Congregational churches in the county, having been founded by the Rev. Richard Thorp, of Hopton Hall, about 1662. The old chapel was built in 1733, and the Rev, Isaac Watts, D.D. was one of the contributors' to its erection. The present church was built 51 years ago, in 1829, and was opened free from debt, without any collections being made at the opening services. The founder of the church at Hopton was also the founder of the Mirfield Grammar School, and lands left by Mr. Thorp now realise nearly 200 a year, and 10 Mirfield boys are educated free every year. The object of the bazaar is the removal of a debt of over 1,000 upon the new day and Sunday schools at Hopton.

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