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Calder Road 2
Mirfield Hopton Calder Rd

Calder Road around 1902.
This picture is a really good example of how little change as taken place in some areas of Mirfield. Although I don't know what the little girl would make of the wheeley bins of today though! The shop in the foreground was at one time a confectioners but then up to relatively recently was a ladies hair salon. The terrace housing in Lower Hopton such as on Calder Rd would at this time have being occupied mainly by families employed in the local mills and although small and basic it was still a relative paradise compared to the slum conditions endured  by many mill workers in the Batley and Dewsbury areas well into the 1920's.
Although the West Riding became known for its "Dark Satanic Mills" the population of Lower Hopton probably had a hard but distinctly more pleasant life than some occupants of nearby towns. 

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