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Mifeild Canal

The Canal towpath near Shepley Bridge at the turn of the century
Horse power survived on the canal until the late 1950's. In the hey day of the barge, owners did not necessarily own their own horse but would  hire one. It was not an uncommon site to see an empty barge being hauled by the bargee or his wife to save on the cost of a horse!
Keels (Barges) used on the Calder and Hebble were often referred to as "West Country Boats" due to their dimensions being somewhat reduced for use on the West Ridings Waterways compared to  the larger boats used down on the Humber and Aire.
The lane that passes over the bridge in the background crosses the River Calder at Wheatley's bridge (the access bridge to Mitchell Cotts) and emerges alongside the houses at the bottom of  Church Lane. The story goes that this lane and the bridge were constructed by the Wheatley family to speed their journey to St Mary's parish church.

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