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Bracken Hill
Mirfield Battyeford Bracken Hill

Looking up Stocks bank towards Coppin Hall Lane on the right in around 1910.
Stocks bank follows the path of the old Dewsbury to Elland turnpike road. At the time of this old photograph this was probably right on the fringes of Mirfield. Looking at the present day photo it really illustrates Mirfield as one rather large village and how it is still growing with new housing gradually taking over the green fields that surround it.
At the bottom of Stocksbank, behind where these photos were taken from, stood two long gone pubs. "The Old Yew Tree Inn" was set back on the left of the road just above the present Three Nuns. Slightly further up nearer the junction stood the "Horse Shoe Inn" this, along with the original Three Nuns, would in its day have been a busy coaching inn on the Manchester- Leeds route.

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