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Dumb Steeple
Mirfield Dumb Steeple
Mirfield Cooper Bridge



The road junction near to the Three Nuns has been an important intersection for hundreds of years. At this point travellers could cross the River Calder at Cooper Bridge and continue their journey on to Huddersfield and Manchester or even start the long trek south to London; over Colne Bridge and down to Barnsley.
A large house known as Obelisk Grove stood in the grounds behind the Dumb Steeple in the picture above.
On the railway bridge just out of shot in these pictures stood Cooper Bridge railway station to the left., this was Huddersfield's first railway station opened in 1840. The station survived until 1950. You can still see the bricked up entrance under the rail-bridge.

You can find out more about the Dumb Steeple and it's connection to the Luddites HERE.

You can find out more about Cooper Bridge Station and railway history HERE.

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