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Half penny bridge
Mirfield Battyeford Half Penny Bridge

Many people will be surprised by the number of houses that once lined Huddersfield Road at Battyeford.
The stairs going down to the river in the old photograph are still visible today, although partially obscured by undergrowth.
The 'Ha'p'ny Bridge' or 'Halfpenny Bridge' was so named due to the halfpenny toll that was charged before you could cross it. Before the bridge was built, to cross the river, a small ferry operated from the banking near the Pear Tree Inn.
This area and the banks of the river alongside the football fields were once known locally as Battyeford Sands. In the days before private cars many families would spend a day picnicking and paddling along the river's banks. Rowing boats could also be hired from the bottom of the stairs mentioned earlier for those with more adventurous and energetic tastes.
Although the bridge has been renovated and the deck (road) replaced, it still stands on the original abutments and piers.

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