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Christ Church
Mirfield Battyeford Christ Church

Christ Church, Battyeford around 1910.
Completed and consecrated in 1840 for a cost of 1778. The tower bell, known as "Miss Pilling" after the lady who gave it, was added in 1843. In 1853 an organ was installed. The money for this organ was raised by Mr J.H.Hepplethwaite of West Royd who was the church's first organist and served for over 13 years.. The ornate Lych gate was dedicated in 1905 to the memory of Sam Auty who had served as the church organist for 30 years.
Today the gate is all that remains looking somewhat out of place with the new "Christ The King" church built in 1973 after the original church was destroyed by fire.

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