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The Three Nuns
Mirfield Three Nuns

The Three Nuns complete with petrol pumps in the 1920's.

Two pints of bitter, a bag of peanuts and a gallon of petrol please!
The picture above was taken from a 2" x 1" business card produced in the 1920's by Mr F Brook the then proprietor of the Three Nuns. The "Nuns" had provided stabling as a coaching inn for hundreds of years, obviously Mr Brooke thought only appropriate to keep up with the times.
The picture below shows Kirklee's Lock (just before the entrance to the Old Corn Mill). In the 1920's its proximity to Robin Hood's grave made it a popular picnic spot for early motorists.

"Modern" motorists on the  Dewsbury Elland Turnpike near the Corn Mill in the 1930's.

You can find out more about the Three Nuns and Robin Hood HERE and HERE.

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