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The Clough

The Clough, Battyeford around 1910.
Much of the housing built in Battyeford during the 19th century has long been demolished. The terraces on the Clough are some of the most original examples. Battyeford must have been an architects nightmare, the steeply sloping valley down to the river forcing them to tailor fit the houses to the hillside. Rows of houses were built in all directions, parallel to the valley on Huddersfield Road and Stocks Bank, while at the Clough the approach used was to step the houses in the opposite direction up the valley side. Many other buildings were literally cut into the hillside creating houses with all sorts of strange layouts. A lot of the poorer housing stock in Battyeford was demolished soon after the first world war. It was not until comparatively recently that modern building methods have once again seen new houses being built on the hillside.

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