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The Airedale
Mirfield Airedale

The Airedale Heifer, Stocksbank Road around the mid 1920's.
The sign above the door says "James  H. Turner  Licenced Retailer Of British & Foreign Wines , Spirit, Beer, Porter & Tobacco." The ale being produced by "Bentley & Shaw's", located at Lockwood Brewery in Huddersfield. The brewery was founded by Timothy Bentley in 1795 and produced beer for many local public houses, up to its closure on 21 November 1962.
Mild & Pale Ales are advertised in the Window and the sign behind the lady advertises "Guinness Stout". At this time, like many public houses in Mirfield, the Airedale Heifer HOTEL would have had "letting" rooms as travel was still a fragmented process and overnight accommodations would be in demand.

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